Our Vision

ISSS aspires to be a comprehensive resource for Emory University’s diverse international community through advocacy, collaboration, education, and immigration expertise.


Our Mission

  • To support Emory University’s mission and internationalization efforts as part of the Office of Global Strategy & Initiatives
  • To provide immigration advice and support to international students, scholars, and campus partners
  • To ensure the integrity of Emory University’s immigration programs 


Our Core Values

Excellent service

  • Provide holistic advising in a welcoming environment
  • Be proactive and responsive
  • Evaluate and improve policies, procedures, and services

Specialized knowledge

  • Offer accurate immigration advice
  • Monitor and analyze relevant rules and regulations


  • Leverage technology to improve user experience and productivity
  • Incorporate data in decision-making processes

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Encourage connection and engagement with a wide range of worldviews and experiences
  • Embrace cross-cultural understanding and interaction


  • Exhibit leadership and empathy in influencing public policy and practice
  • Advocate for unique interests of international students and scholars


  • Provide consistent, accurate, and clear advising
  • Ensure institutional compliance with immigration regulations