Onboarding International Hires

As a general rule, your new international hire should go through the same onboarding process as any new employee, with a few additions and exceptions specified below. 

Many international scholars are not familiar with US employment practices, plus they will be adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. Be ready to spend a little extra time explaining things like health insurance and other benefits, housing, transportation, taxes, etc.

Check-in and orientation

When they get here, new international hires should report to their supervisor and an HR rep. HR provides an online orientation for all new employees.

International scholars are also required to attend ISSS's orientation within 7 days of their start date. These orientation sessions are held in ISSS's office in the North Decatur Building every Thursday afternoon. Orientation info >>


Your department should help the international scholar fill out an I-9 form (PDF) within their first 3 days. 

Completing Form I-9 >>

Questions? Contact Sherry Stodghill in Human Resources.


All new employees are screened through E-Verify, an online identity and immigration status verification system. HR will let you know if there are any problems getting E-Verify approval. E-Verify process >>


When they arrive, new international scholars should contact Emory's non-resident tax specialists. They should provide their name, country of citizenship, non-immigrant status, and contact information, and a tax specialist will provide information about appropriate tax withholdings and any tax treaties that may apply to them.

Social security numbers

Make sure your international employee waits at least 10 days after coming to the US before they apply for a social security number. If they try to apply for one earlier than that, it will cause a delay (30+ days) in getting one. Social security info >>

Driver's licenses

International hires should wait at least 10 days after they've entered the US and 5 days after attending ISSS orientation before they apply for a Georgia driver's license. They should apply for a social security number first, if they don't already have one.

Driver's license info >>

Emory Card

If they're an Emory employee (some J-1 scholars aren't technically employees), they can upload a photo for their Emory Card as part of HR's online orientation. Then they can pick up their Emory Card at the B. Jones Center. Emory Card info >>