Eunyoung An

Immigration Specialist

Office: North Decatur Building, Suite 13

Phone: 404.727.4721



As an immigration specialist, An assists with the Department of Labor processes and wage analysis for employment-based statuses, such as H-1B and E-3.

An was born in South Korea and started her life in the United States in 2008 as a F-1 student. She studied Foreign Language Education at the Ohio State University and Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University. She taught Korean language and ESL for several years and decided to begin a career in international education in 2017. Prior to Emory, she worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology for two years as an international student and scholar coordinator.

When she has free time, she likes going to the zoo, museums, and local festivals with her husband and son. She also loves languages, crafts, arts, travel, and good food.