Getting My Emory I-20

Getting your Emory issued I-20 (eligibility document for F-1 students) is an important step for all incoming F-1 students. Read on to learn how to request an Emory University I-20 if you are outside the US, currently at another US academic institution, or are in a different visa status.

Be sure to check out the I-20 Financial Requirements and Estimated ExpensesI-20 FAQ, and I-20 issuance webinar for more information!



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Requesting an Emory I-20

After you have formally accepted an offer of admission (through paying a deposit or other formal means) and the university information system (OPUS) has been updated to indicate your intent to enroll, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to ISSS Link, Emory’s international student and scholar web-based portal, and submit the New Student I-20 Request e-form. For more information, visit our I-20 FAQ page

F-1 Transfer Students

Transferring to Emory  

If you are currently attending another US institution in F-1 status, your current institution will need to transfer your SEVIS immigration record to Emory after determining whether you are eligible for a SEVIS transfer.

Emory's SEVIS school code is ATL214F00135000 for all students the Atlanta campus. Students attending the Oxford campus should ensure that their SEVIS school code is ATL214F00135001. 


  1. Contact your international student advisor at your current institution to discuss transferring to Emory and to determine an appropriate “SEVIS release date” (the date your SEVIS record will be transferred to Emory). 
    1. Emory does not have a required "Transfer Clearance" form for DSOs at the transfer-out school to complete.
    2. Emory will only accept transfers of SEVIS records in Active SEVIS status. Students with an inactive SEVIS record must request an Initial status I-20.
  2. Complete Emory’s I-20 Request

    Please complete the “New Student I-20 Request” e-form in ISSS Link. The information in this e-form will be used to arrange the transfer of your SEVIS record to Emory and to create a transfer-pending I-20. 

  3. After your SEVIS record is released to Emory, Emory will issue your transfer-pending Form I-20. This is the document you should present when traveling abroad. Do not enter the US using an I-20 from your previous institution.  

Selecting your SEVIS release date:

Graduating F-1s 

If you are graduating from your previous institution and beginning a new program at Emory or finishing a period of post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), you need to have your SEVIS record transferred to Emory within 60 days of completing your current program or OPT. This 60-day period is your grace period. 

F-1 Transfer Timeline


Transferring while on or finishing OPT or STEM OPT 

You can request that your current international student advisor initiates the transfer of your SEVIS record to Emory while working on post-completion OPT or STEM OPT, or within the 60-day grace period after your post-completion OPT or STEM OPT end date.  

However, please keep in mind, once your SEVIS release date has passed, your OPT authorization will automatically end, even if the end date on your EAD card is in the future.  It is important that you confirm your last day of employment before deciding your SEVIS release date. If you are unsure about timing, please contact your current institution's international student advisor for assistance. 

Mid-program Transfers 

If you want to transfer to Emory in the middle of a program at another institution, please first contact your ISSS Advisor at Emory for discussion to avoid immigration difficulties. 

Students changing immigration status to F-1

If you are already in the US in an immigration status other than F-1 and want to change your immigration status to F-1, you can either: 

  • Travel outside the US and re-enter the US using a new visa and Emory I-20.
  • File a government application from within the US to change status if eligible. This process usually takes longer.  

For more information about changing your status, please visit our Changing Your Status page.

Your ISSS advisor is available to help you each step of the way as well!

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