US Government Policy Update: Digital Signatures and Distribution of Form DS-2019

Updated: April 7, 2023

The Department of State (DOS) has announced a new rule that will permit the electronic transmission of the Form DS-2019 to J-1 exchange visitors beginning on April 27, 2023As of that date, J-1 exchange visitors who need an updated DS-2019 or a new travel signature can receive an electronic version of the DS-2019 via e-mail from the ISSS office. This change will offer 

Upon receiving an electronically sent DS-2019, J-1 exchange visitors (including their J-2 dependents) should download, print, sign, and date the DS-2019 in blue ink as the new rule does not allow for e-signatures by the exchange visitors.

J-1s and J-2s should carry their printed DS-2019 (with their original signature) when traveling or applying for a new J-1 or J-2 visa. 

Contact your ISSS Advisor if you have any questions.