Enrollment Requirements

As an international student, you're required to be enrolled full-time each semester at Emory University.  You're also expected to successully complete enrolled classes. 

  • For undergraduates, a full course load is 12 credit hours in the fall and spring.
  • For PhD students, a full course load is 9 credit hours per semester.
  • For other graduate and professional school students, a full course load is defined by your program or school.
  • Classes that you audit don't count toward your course load, and you are required to take all classes and conduct any related activities on Emory’s campus unless you are pre-approved by ISSS in writing.
  • During your last semester at Emory (whether in spring, summer, or fall), you should have courses that are required for your degree completion from Emory. You cannot stay one more semester just to prolong your F-1 stay.  

Online or distance learning classes (away from Emory University)

  • F-1 students can count no more than one online/distance learning class or 3 credits, whichever is less, towards full-time enrollment requirements each semester. If a student needs only one course to finish his or her program of study (i.e. during your last semester at Emory), it cannot be taken through online/distance education as there must be a physical presence classroom requirement for the course. 
  • J-1 students are not permitted to enroll in any online or distance learning classes. 

Summer session

You don't have to register for the summer session unless your program requires summer enrollment or it will be your first or last term.  

If you are taking a leave in fall and want to stay in the US in the preceding summer, you need to enroll full-time in the summer semester because you are not returning to resume full-time studies in fall.  

If you're an undergraduate student and the summer will be your first term, you need to enroll in at least:

  • 12 credit hours total for the summer, if you're beginning in the first summer session; OR
  • 6 credit hours, if you're beginning in the second summer session.