Transferring to Emory

If you are currently attending another institution, your school will need to transfer your SEVIS immigration record to Emory.


  1. Fill out the first page of Emory's transfer clearance form.
  2. Contact your current school's Designated School Official (DSO), Responsible Officer (RO), or Alternative Responsible Officer (ARO) about transferring to Emory, and have them fill out the second page of the transfer clearance form.
  3. Work with your DSO, RO, or ARO to determine which date to select as your "release date," when your SEVIS record will be transferred to Emory.
  4. On your release date, Emory will issue your transfer-pending Form I-20 or updated DS-2019. This is the document you should present when traveling abroad; do not enter the US using an I-20 or DS-2019 from your previous institution.
  5. Complete the Orientation Checklist in ISSS Link. Some elements of this online orientation should be completed only after you arrive in the US.
  6. ISSS will then issue you a new, continued-attendance I-20 if you are an F-1 student, or a validation notification if you are in J-1 status.

Selecting a release date

Graduating F-1s

If you are graduating and beginning a new program, transfer your immigration record within the 60-day grace period after completing your current program or post-completion Optional Practical Training.

Graduating J-1s

If you are graduating from another program in J-1 status, transfer your immigration record before your DS-2019 form expires.

Mid-program transfers

If you are in the middle of another program, transfer your immigration record before the last day of the add/drop period for the next semester at Emory. View Emory's academic calendar >>