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In order to provide the best customer service across the board, we have completed the first of a two phase reorganization of our advising assignments. Our new structure will ensure all advisors are cross-trained to serve the immigration needs of both students and scholars, providing a single point of contact for departmental questions and ensuring the shortest possible wait times for walk-in consultations.

H-1B scholars will transtition to the new structure in June 2017. Until then, their H-1B advisors will stay the same.

As ever, our goal is to provide you with accurate and timely assistance and to ensure you have the smoothest hiring and immigration experiences possible. 

J-1 scholars in the School of Medicine

Department (alphabetical) Advisor name Advisor email
Anesthesiology Terry Eiesland
Behavioral Sciences Terry Eiesland
Biochemistry Angela Guinyard
Biomedical Engineering Terry Eiesland
Biomedical Informatics Terry Eiesland
Cardiology Joan Lindsey
Cell Biology Angela Guinyard
Clinical Education Terry Eiesland
Dermatology Terry Eiesland
Digestive Diseases Joan Lindsey
Emergency Medicine Terry Eiesland
Endocrinology Joan Lindsey
Family and Preventative Medicine Terry Eiesland
General Medicine Joan Lindsey
Gynecology & Obstetrics Angela Guinyard
Hermatology Joan Lindsey
Hospital Medicine Joan Lindsey
Human Genetics Terry Eiesland
Immunology Joan Lindsey
Infectious Diseases Joan Lindsey
Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology Derek Baran
Marcus Autism Center Derek Baran
Medical Oncology Joan Lindsey
Microbiology and Immunology Angela Guinyard
Nephrology Joan Lindsey
Neurology Jennifer Knupp
Neurosurgery Jennifer Knupp
Opthalmology Angela Guinyard
Otolaryngology Terry Eiesland
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Angela Guinyard
Pediatrics Derek Baran
Pharmacology Angela Guinyard
Physiology Angela Guinyard
Psychiatry Terry Eiesland
Pulmonary Medicine Joan Lindsey
Radiation and Oncology Jennifer Knupp
Radiology Jennifer Knupp
Rehabilitation Terry Eiesland
Rheumatology Joan Lindsey
Surgery Derek Baran
Urology Terry Eiesland
Winship Cancer Insitute Joan Lindsey

J-1 scholars in all other schools and units

Unit Advisor name Advisor email
Candler School of Theology Joan Lindsay
The Carter Center Angela Guinyard
Central administrative units (DAR, Campus Services, Communications and Public Affairs, Office of the Provost, LITS. etc) Terry Eiesland
Emory College of Arts and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Emory Institute for Drug Development, Environmental Sciences, Physics) Derek Baran
Emory College of Arts and Sciences (All other departments) Kyla King
Goizueta Business School Terry Eiesland
Nell Hodgeson School of Nursing Derek Baran
Oxford College Derek Baran
Rollins School of Public Health Jennifer Knupp
School of Law Kyla King
Yerkes Joan Lindsay

H1-B scholars in the School of Medicine

Animal Resources Joan Lindsey
Anesthesiology Joan Lindsey
Biochemistry Terry Eiesland
Bioinformatics Joan Lindsey
Biomedical Engineering Joan Lindsey
Cardiology Terry Eiesland
Cardiothoracic Surgery Terry Eiesland
Cell Biology Terry Eiesland
Center for Comprehensive Informatics Terry Eiesland
Dermatology Joan Lindsey
Digestive Diseases Joan Lindsey
Emergency Medicine Terry Eiesland
Endocrinology, Metabolism, Lipids Joan Lindsey
Environmental Medicine Terry Eiesland
Family and Preventive Medicine Derek Baran
Gastroenterology Joan Lindsey
Geriatrics Terry Eiesland
Graduate Medical Education (all residency and fellowship programs requesting H-1B sponsorship) Derek Baran
Gynecology & Obstetrics Joan Lindsey
Hematology & Oncology Derek Baran
Hospital Medicine Terry Eiesland
Human Genetics Joan Lindsey
Infectious Diseases Joan Lindsey
Lowance Center/Human Immunology Joan Lindsey
Medical Oncology Derek Baran
Microbiology & Immunology Terry Eiesland
Nephrology Joan Lindsey
Neurology Terry Eiesland
Neurosurgery Terry Eiesland
Opthalmology Derek Baran
Orthopedics Joan Lindsey
Otolaryngology Joan Lindsey
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Terry Eiesland
Pediatrics Joan Lindsey
Pharmacology Joan Lindsey
Physiology Joan Lindsey
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Joan Lindsey
Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care Joan Lindsey
Radiation Oncology Derek Baran
Radiology Joan Lindsey
Rehabilitation Medicine Joan Lindsey
Renal Division Joan Lindsey
Rheumatology Joan Lindsey
Surgery Terry Eiesland
Urology Terry Eiesland
VA/Research Medicine Joan Lindsey
Winship Cancer Institute Derek Baran

H1-B scholars in all other schools and units

Central administrative units not covered below Joan Lindsey
Candler School of Theology Terry Eiesland
Carlos Museum Joan Lindsey
The Carter Center Joan Lindsey
Emory College Derek Baran
Goizueta Business School Derek Baran
IT/LITS Joan Lindsey
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Joan Lindsey
Oxford College Joan Lindsey
Rollins School of Public Health Joan Lindsey
School of Law Joan Lindsey
Woodruff Library Joan Lindsey
Yerkes Primate Research Center Joan Lindsey