US Visa Processing Delays

Some visa applicants may be subject to additional security checks and visa application processing delay before the visa is issued. Visa officers routinely refer it simply as "administrative processing." Read more about Administrative processing and visa wait times >>

Most delays are resolved within 30-60 days. The Department of State has stated that requests to expedite processing will not be considered. Refer to the written notice from the US consulate about the inquiry process, if any, as each consulate has its own process for handling inquiries. 

What you can do

There's not much anyone can do to expedite the process. If your field of study or work involves sensitive technologies, before you apply for a visa, obtain a letter from your department about your research in layman's term and the public benefit. It may help the US consulate to make an informed decision about your program in the US.  

If you have been waiting for more than 30 days for a visa decision, please let ISSS know by completing the US Visa Application Delay eform in ISSS Link